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Mohaka rams

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» Center for Bio-diversitet (Denmark)
» Equus Survival Trust (North America)
» FACT (Farm Animal Conservation Trust, South Africa)*
» FERME (France)
» GEH (Germany)*
» Heritage Livestock Canada (Canada)
» Orkney Sheep Foundation (British Isles)
» Rare Breeds International (International)
» Rare Breeds Survival Trust (UK)
» Rare Breeds Trust of Australia (Australia)
» SERGA (Spain)*
» Stichting Levend Erfgoed (Belgium)
» Stichting Zeldzame Huisdierrassen (Netherlands)*
» SVF Foundation (North America)*
» The Livestock Conservancy (North America)
» VEGH (Austria)*
» VIEH – Livestock (Germany)

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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

» Loss of Biodiversity in Livestock (FAO)
» FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization)*
» DAD-IS (Domestic Animal Diversity Information System)*


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» Royal Agricultural Society of New Zealand

» Alpaca Association New Zealand
» Anglo-Nubian Breed Society of New Zealand*
» Black and Coloured Sheep Breeders Association
» Canterbury Dairy Goat breeders Association
» Christchurch Poultry, Bantam and Pigeon Club
» Clydesdale Horse Society of New Zealand
» Dexter Cattle Society New Zealand*
» Donkey and Mule Society of New Zealand
» Enderby Island Rabbit Club of New Zealand
» Galloway Cattle Society*
» Haflinger Horse Association, New Zealand*
» Highland Cattle Society, New Zealand
» Kaimanawa Heritage Horses*
» Kunekune Breeders Association
» Miniature Horse Association
» New Zealand Arapawa Goat Association
» New Zealand Dairy Goat Breeders Association
» New Zealand Iberian Horse Association
» New Zealand Llama Association
» New Zealand Poultry, Pigeon & Cage Birds Associations
» New Zealand Red Devons *
» Pig Breeders Association, New Zealand
» Rabbit Council of New Zealand*
» Red Poll Cattle ~ New Zealand
» Sheep Breeders Association, New Zealand*
» Shetland Pony Breeders Society
» Welsh Pony & Cob Society of New Zealand*


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ASSOCIATES – Sites hosted by the Rare Breeds Conservation Society

          Associates assist the operation of the Rare Breeds Website with their support.

» Kunekune Breeders Association (Kunekune pigs)
» Mainland Dexters (Dexter cattle)
» Natures Pace (Enderby Island rabbits)
» Rosemarkie Partnership (Farming Heritage Breeds)
» Southland Heirloom Breeds Charitable Trust (Auckland Island pigs, Hokonui sheep)
» Stoney Oaks Wildlife Park ("The Ultimate Animal Experience")
» Summer Wine Dun Dexters (Dun Dexter cattle)
» Tullamore Galloways (Galloway cattle)

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Listed below are breeders' websites that have reciprocal links to the Rare Breeds website.

» Abberley Heights Fold Highland Cattle
» Alclutha Galloways Galloway cattle
» Appletons Hen Houses and Poultry Supplies Poultry, Housing, Supplies
» Aura-Lea Farm Meuse Rhine Issel cattle
» BadAssBees Arapawa sheep etc.
» Baroque Spanish Horse Stud Spanish horses, Arapawa sheep, Pitt Island sheep
» Bates and Keen Family Farm Alpacas, Llamas, Red Devon cattle, Gotlant Pelt sheep, Finnsheep
» Berkshire Pig Breeders' Club Berkshire Pigs (UK)
» Brightwater Gypsy Vanners Gypsy Vanner horses
» British Saddleback Breeders' Club Saddleback Pigs (UK)
» Chatto Creek Gypsy Cobs Gypsy Cob horses
» Clovercrest American Miniature Mediterranean Donkey Stud AMM Donkeys
» Clydesdale Horse Society of New Zealand Clydesdale horses
» Coal Gully Alpacas Alpacas
» Crambambuli Farm Llama Stud
» Donnbrae English Donkey Stud English Donkeys
» Gracelands Galloway cattle and Dorper sheep
» Greendale Nubian Goat Stud Nubian goats
» Hardy Hairy Horny Highlands Highland cattle
» International Kiko Goat Association Kiko goats (USA)
» Llama Lookout Llamas
» Mainland Dexters (Dexter cattle)
» Mangatoro Hinterwälders Hinterwald cattle
» Medicine River Luings Luing cattle (Canada)
» Mystique Dairy Goats British Alpine, Alpine, Toggenburg goats
» Natures Pace Rabbits
» New Zealand (NI) Poultry...Association Poultry Show dates and contacts
» Pirongia Clydesdales Clydesdale horses
» Precious Poultry Chooks
» Rosemarkie Partnership (Farming Heritage Breeds)
» Shire Horse Society Australia Shire horses (Australia)
» Silverstream Alpaca Stud Alpacas
» Skean Dhu Belted Galloways and Fordel Galloways Galloway Cattle
» Skógarrönd Ltd (Icelandic horses)
» Southland Heirloom Breeds Charitable Trust (Auckland Island pigs, Hokonui sheep)
» Stoney Oaks Wildlife Park ("The Ultimate Animal Experience")
» Summer Wine Dun Dexters Dexter Cattle
» Suncrest White Galloway Cattle and Miniature Horse Studs
» Tullamore Galloways (Galloway cattle)
» Vivelly Stud German and English Angora Rabbits
» Waikato Poultry and Pigeon Club Poultry, Pigeons
» Willowbank Farm (Awassi, Damara & Karakul sheep; Miniature donkeys, Zebu cattle)
» Winnfarms Partnership  Dexters, Spanish horses



» Backyard Poultry Chooks and Ducks
» Breeds of Livestock Oklahoma State University
» Broederey de WeydeGansch Looking after geese
» Chickens by Design Chooks (New Zealand)
» Continental Giant US Continental Giant Rabbits
» Coops and Cages Chook breeds
» Farmers Markets New Zealand Farmers Markets
» LifeStyleBlock Information for lifestyle farmers
» Poultry Central NZ Poultry and Chicken Forum
» Poultry NZ For the NZ Poultry Fancier
» Sheep 101 Info Breeds of sheep and shepherding
» World Animal Day
» Warmwell Animal Welfare
» Woolshed (Clive Dalton)
» Xcell Breeding Services Advanced Animal Breeding and Genetics

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