Mainland Dexters 'Jacko' - Cumbria Hilton Jack
Flying the Flag

    Mainland Dexters has no formal membership. Anyone interested in the Dexter breed can take part in its activities.

Enquiries Welcome

    Contact the Co-ordinator:
Marion Mangnall,
1195 Coaltrack Road, Greendale, Central Canterbury.
Phone (03) 318 7237
E-mail: jimari(at)

    Mainland Dexters is an informal group whose members, from the upper half of the South Island, share a common interest in the Dexter breed of cattle. They form a support group for the Dexter Cattle Society New Zealand Incorporated.
    Activities include meetings, field days and the public promotion of the breed. The opportunity to discuss Decter matters and socialize with other Dexter enthusiasts is of importance.

Mainland Dexter field day

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