New Zealand Kunekune Breeders’ Association


    The Kunekune Association was founded in 1987, having its inaugural meeting in Richmond (South Island) on 14-15 February 1987. It has always had strong links with the Rare Breeds Conservation Society and many of the founding members belonged to both Societies. The continued mutual benefits of having the Annual General Meetings on the same weekend at a shared venue each year has been a great support to both.

    The aim of the New Zealand Kunekune Association is to ensure the conservation and preservation of the Kunekune by:

  • Encouraging the breeding, owning and improvement of Kunekunes
  • Promoting communication and co-operation between breeders and owners of Kunekunes
  • Providing information on the care and breeding of Kunekunes
  • Maintaining a Register of Kunekunes
  • Promoting Kunekunes through exhibitions, publications, and research

For all enquiries about the Association, contact the Secretary:
Teresa Browne, 196 Tokorangi Road, HALCOMBE.
Phone: (06) 328 8600   E-mail:

See also the official Kunekune Association website.

The photographs on this page are by Gail Simons, Stoney Oaks Wildlife Park.

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