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Caveat emptor: The Rare Breeds Conservation Society advises that it is unable to check the quality of stock bought or sold through Webmart and recommends that buyers check any stock themselves before buying.


BUY: Looking for a young/this season's female duck. A Khaki Campbell crossed with either Indian Runner or Cayuga as a garden companion for my Khaki Campbell/Cayuga duck who lost her mate. Canterbury area.   Jane (at)

SELL: English Grey geese. Breeding pairs available. Located Taranaki.   Please email avonstourisland (at)

SELL: Polish breeding group. Three hens, one rooster. Located Taranaki.   Please email avonstourisland (at)

SELL: Purebred red Dexter bull calf. Healthy, well bred and with a lovely temperament. Ready to be weaned around Christmas. Located Taranaki.   Please email avonstourisland (at)

Arapawa pig

SELL: The Rarest Pig in the World? Eight Arapawa piglets, ready for new homes at 10 weeks old in mid January 24, $150 each, 2 girls and 6 boys, viewing and collection West Melton.   (021) 0240 4869, calvin (at)

BUY: We are in Australia and would love to purchase a Kiko buck if anyone has a buck for sale or is able to offer advice on whether this would be possible.   teina.russ (at)

SELL: Miniature Zebu bull calf (Nadudana Zebu). 8 months old. $850. Located Taranaki.   Email avonstourisland (at)

SELL: Toggenburg buck kid, born 21.9.2023. Has Australian grand sire, so new bloodlines. Dehorn, vax. Near Lincoln, Canterbury. $150.   Tamarvale.dairygoats (at)

SELL: Small Ryeland sheep flock, 12 ewes with lambs at foot, plus 12 ewe hoggets plus rams. Can split flock. Ewes with lambs at foot $250 each; ewe hoggets $250 each; ram hoggets $300 each. Prefer to sell to someone who will preserve the breed.   Phone Pete McLaren, Opotiki, (020) 4093 0277.   See pics on Trade Me.

SELL: Sebastopol (pure bred) young goslings for sale. 12 weeks 20th December 2023, ready to go to new home then. Pick up Dunsandel.   Email elaine (at)

BUY: I want to buy some sheep and want to import them to Nepal. I am interested in Cheviot, Corriedale, and Suffolk.   E-mail: sinuoy4 (at)

BUY: Hiya, looking for some Lionhead rabbits, the age doesn't matter too much but need un-de-sexed unrelated male and female, since looking to breed them. I'm in the Wairarapa area and need something close by as I can't travel far.   honeybunnylee33 (at)

SELL: Pure Saanen buck – 2 years old. Fully intact. Looking for his own herd. Pick up Northland near Kerikeri.   (021) 089 36576.

BUY: Turkey breeding pairs, chicks or fertile eggs wanted to buy.   katesdevinegardens (at)   (022) 469 297   Kate

SELL: Ancona pair for sale. Female just started laying; male is very docile. Under 2 years old. Buyer must collect from Leeston.   E-mail: kim.heather.morton (at)

BUY: PLEASE, does anyone have any speckled Sussex eggs for hatching or pullets for sale?   Phone (027) 720 0255 Taranaki

BUY: Magpie ducks or fertile eggs please. I am in Thames.   Please contact by phone (07) 868 6935 or cell phone (027) 399 0016.

BUY: Looking to buy: 2 Indian Runner ducks (male & female); 2 Swedish Blue females & 1 Swedish Blue male.   kim.heather.morton (at)

BUY: 8 x Royal Palm or mottled turkey eggs, Taranaki.   Text (027) 720 0255.

BUY: Hi, I would like to BUY 6 x fertile Ancona eggs to be posted to Aluminium Solutions C/O Tracey, 76 Portia Street, Stratford, Taranaki 4332.   Email pt.tofts (at) or text (027) 720 0255.

BUY: Looking for a breeding/showing quality lavender Araucana rooster. Located in Southland, but anywhere south of Canterbury would probably work though.   Sophora2020 (at)

SELL: Kunekune piglets. Parents are multiple Supreme Champion winners. Well bred.   Email avonstourisland (at) or visit our Facebook page "Avonstour Island".

BUY: Wanted to buy Dorking 4 x chickens and a rooster.   philippavickers (at)

BUY: Mohaka ram or ram lamb. I also have spare Mohaka rams for sale or swap. Napier.   sa_cave (at)

SELL: Pure European Wild weaner pigs ready beginning of September.   Email avonstourisland (at) or visit our Facebook page "Avonstour Island". Located Taranaki.

BUY: Kia ora, my name is Bishop Nathan and I wish to purchase the Kiko goat breed. Many thank. Nga mihi.   piho3110 (at)

SELL: Quality Japanese bantam breeding group, 3 hens, 2 roosters. Located at Avonstour Island, Taranaki.   E-mail: avonstourisland (at)

SELL: Canterbury Blue piglets. Boars and sows available. Located Taranaki.   E-mail: avonstourisland (at)

SELL: Dorset Horn ram. From a highly selected flock. Located Taranaki.   E-mail: avonstourisland (at)

SELL: Geese for sale. Pilgrim, English Grey, West of England and Sebastopols. All under two years old. Located Taranaki but can deliver to the pet bus.   E-mail: avonstourisland (at)

BUY: Wanting to buy Partridge Wyandottes (heavy). I would like a breeding pair or trio, older birds are fine or fertile eggs in the spring. I'm in Manawatu/Whanganui region.   Text (027) 466 6774.

BUY: Wanting to buy Orpington, Austrolorp hens/pullets please.   garganrosie65 (at)

SELL: We have 3 of our young proven breeding stock pigs available for sale for $450 each. One pure Berkshire boar, one Hampshire Saddleback sow and one Berkshire x Duroc sow. Please email for further detail.   calvin (at), viewing West Melton.

SELL: We have weaner pigs for sale at $175 each at seven weeks, Berkshire x Saddleback and Berkshire x Duroc. Please email for further details, some available now.   calvin (at), viewing West Melton.

SELL: The rarest pig in the world? We are fortunate to have a litter of Arapawa Pigs for sale. There are 3 girls and 2 boys available, we are also able to access some unrelated boys for breeding pairs, $150 each to approved homes.   calvin (at), viewing West Melton.

SELL: Croad Langshan cockrel, ~3 months old. Large breed. Location: Southland.   Email: hmkh808 (at)

BUY: Toggenburg doe for milking, either kid or older, located in Northland so anywhere Auckland and north would be great.   Clair (021) 558 514

SELL: Damara rams for sale. 2½ year small horned registered ram, offers over $200. Ram lamb with horns nearly a year old, $180. Can deliver between Picton and Christchurch by arrangement on 1st June. Located in Wanganui.   (027) 392 8595. larochenz (at)

BUY: Looking for white Plymouth Rock birds. Keen to establish a breeding group of these birds. We are based out of Dannevirke.   k.k.phelps (at)

BUY: Two Enderby Island rabbit does to replace old doe. Located Invercargill, but willing to travel/arrange pet bus.   jessey.beattie-mackey (at)

SELL: Red Poll registered 18 month & weaner heifers for sale. Dual purpose. Commercial prices + GST. Wairarapa based.   This breed needs support. In NZ since 1898 – two major breeders retired this year.   Helen McKenzie, rosemarkie (at) or phone (06) 372 7842

SELL: Toggenburg wethers. Two 16 months old wethers. Well grown and healthy. $100 each. Situated in Greendale, Canterbury.   Phone (03) 318 7237.   Email: Jimari (at)

SELL: Toggenburg doe kids. Two beautiful little 5 months old does. Reared on mother. Have been debudded. $180 each. Situated in Greendale, Canterbury.   Phone (03) 318 7237 or text (027) 318 7237.   Email: Jimari (at)

BUY: Looking for day old / just hatched Pekin duckling, located in Tauranga.   savkrivan (at)

SELL: 1.5 year old Waipu buck, located Timaru.   Email mohairsouth (at) for more detail.

BUY: White turkey, or other turkey – looking for fertilized eggs? Thanks.   jhenson (at)

SELL: Very rare white Swedish Gotland Pelt ram. Handsome, healthy and sensible, $200.   Phone (09) 433 8249 (at)

SELL: Finnish Landrace sheep. Gorgeous, healthy sheep with quality fleece. Wethers $150. Ewes and Rams $250.   Phone (09) 433 8249 (at)

SELL: Beautiful Alpacas. One show winning registered (we are not NZAA members) black stud $300 and three others at $150 each. True black and a warm brown.   Phone (09) 433 8249 (at)

SELL: Buff Orpington ducklings available.   Contact Inger on (09) 950 3075, Whangarei area.

SELL: Kunekune piglets. Ginger and ginger/black spotted. Boars and sows. Well bred and can be registered. Ready end of March. Located Taranaki.   Please email: avonstourisland (at)

SELL: Purebred East Friesian ewe lambs, well grown, wormed, located in Heriot but can arrange transport. $180.00ea   ardmorehouse (at)

SELL: Coloured Meatmaster ram lamb, fully shedding parents, ready to do the job this season. He is a twin and well grown. Mid-Canterbury.   Email Marina.Steinke (at) or phone (03) 342 8016

SELL: 4 x Miniature White Galloway steers, 1 year old. Tullamore Galloways.   Please email me on lyndapeat01 (at) or text on (022) 043 4473

SELL: Miniature White Galloway bull. Proven, nice nature. Well marked. $2000.00.   Email me on lyndapeat01 (at) or text on (022) 043 4473

BUY: Looking for a Polish hen or rooster. And a Frizzle hen or rooster.   kellby2 (at)

BUY: Wanted to buy fertile eggs x 6 or trio Sussex and pair of Silkie bantams.   (027) 531 6901

BUY: I'm after Silver Birchen Pekins, birds if they are still laying or fertile eggs.  Text (0274) 666 774 or email sweptonby (at)

BUY: After some buff Cochin fertile eggs, chicks or hens.   Text me on (020) 4147 6694

BUY: 2 x Dorking pullets sought.   jan (at)

SELL: Canterbury Blue sow, 5 months old. Located at Avonstour Island, Taranaki.   Please phone (06) 762 7992 or email avonstourisland (at) gmail

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