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» Home page   New Zealand Rare Breeds

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» Information   Website Information

» Breeds   List of Rare and Minority Breeds

» Directory   Directory of Rare Breeders

» About   About the Rare Breeds Society

» News   Notes and News

» Webmart   Webmart – Buy and Sell

» Projects   of the Rare Breeds Conservation Society

» Gene Bank   The Rare Breeds Gene Bank Project

» Links   Links to other websites and webpages

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» Contact   Contact the Rare Breeds Conservation Society

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» Page d'Accueil   Races Rares en Nouvelle-Zélande

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» Neuseelands Seltenen Rassen   Webseite der 'Seltenen Rassen Konservierungs Gesellschaft'

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Second Level Accessories and Articles

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» Add to or Alter Directory   Breeders Directory Listing (form)

» Breed Types  (Article)

» Committee   Rare Breeds Conservation Society Committee

» Constitution   Rare Breeds Conservation Society Constitution

» Directory (a)   Camelids and Cattle

» Directory (b)   Chinchillas, Goats, Deer, Donkeys, Horses

» Directory (c)   Pigs and Rabbits

» Directory (d)   Sheep

» Directory (e)   Chooks (including Bantams)

» Directory (f)   Ducks, Geese, Guinea Fowl, Turkeys

» Directory (g)   Farmstay

» Editor Enquiry   Messages to Editor (form)

» General Enquiry   Message or Enquiry

» Gene Bank Enquiry   Send a message

» Loss of Biodiversity in Livestock  (Article from FAO)

» Membership   On-line membership application

» New Zealand   New Zealand – What and Where*

» Original Home Page (Historical)

» Priority Listing of Rare Breeds**

» Rare Breeds Auction (Canterbury)

» Rare Breeds Book (Rare Breeds of Heritage Livestock in New Zealand)

» Rare Breeds International   What Rare Breeds International Is

» Rare Breeds Notecards  

» Registration and Inventory   Details and downloadable form*

» Site Map   List of pages on the Website***

» Thanks (For Messages and Enquiries)

» Thanks (For Membership Applications)

» Types of Breeds (article)

» Viewing Hints Browser use

» Webmart Advertisements   Place an Advertisement (form)

» Webmart Photos   Advertisements with photos

» Webmaster Enquiries   Send a message (form)

» Website Definitions   Meanings of terms

» Website People   Profiles

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Third Level

Accessed from Second Level pages (Breeds, Directory, Projects)

 » Alpaca (Camelids)

 » Alpaca – Suri (Camelids)

 » Guanaco (Camelids)

 » Llama (Camelids)

 » Aberdeen-Angus (Cattle)

 » Australian Lowline (Cattle)

 » British White (Cattle)

 » Campbell Island Cattle (Cattle)

 » Devon (Cattle)

 » Dexter (Cattle)

 » Dutch Belted (Cattle)

 » Enderby Island (Cattle)

 » Galloway – Belted (Cattle)

 » Galloway – Standard (Cattle)

 » Galloway – White (Cattle)

 » Highland (Cattle)

 » Hinterwald (Cattle)

 » Lakenvelder (Cattle)

 » Lincoln Red (Cattle)

 » Longhorn (English) (Cattle)

 » Luing (Cattle)

 » Meuse Rhine Issel (Cattle)

 » Nadudana (Zebu) (Cattle)

 » Milking Shorthorn (Cattle)

 » Piedmontese (Cattle)

 » Pinzgauer (Cattle)

 » Pustertaler (Cattle)

 » Red Poll (Cattle)

 » Sussex (Cattle)

 » Texas Longhorn (Cattle)

 » American Bison (Cattle)

 » Water Buffalo (Cattle)

 » Yak (Cattle)

 » White Red (Deer)

 » Wapiti / Elk (Deer)

 » Australian Teamster (Donkeys)

 » English/Irish (Donkeys)

 » Mediterranean (Donkeys)

 » Mammoth (Donkeys)

 » Ponui (Donkeys)

 » Alpine/British Alpine (Goats)

 » Anglo-Nubian (Goats)

 » Arapawa (Goats)

 » Auckland Island (Goats)

 » Boer (Goats)

 » Kiko (Goats)

 » Rawhiti (Goats)

 » Sable (Goats)

 » Toggenburg (Goats)

 » Utopia (Goats)

 » Waipu (Goats)

 » Clydesdale (Horses)

 » Caspian (Horses)

 » Friesian (Horses)

 » Gypsy Vanner (Horses)

 » Hackney (Horses)

 » Haflinger (Horses)

 » Highland Pony (Horses)

 » Icelandic (Horses)

 » Kaimanawa (Horses)

 » Miniature (Horses)

 » Morgan (Horses)

 » Percheron (Horses)

 » Shetland (Horses)

 » Shire (Horses)

 » Spanish (Horses)

 » Suffolk Punch (Horses)

 » Timor Ponies (Horses)

 » Welsh Cob (Horses)

 » Arapawa   (Pigs)

 » Auckland Island (Pigs)

 » Berkshire (Pigs)

 » Canterbury Blue (Pigs)

 » Euro (Pigs)

 » Large Black (Devon) (Pigs)

 » Lincoln Red Pigs (Pigs)

 » Tamworth (Pigs)

 » Wessex (Pigs)

 » Ducks (Poultry)

 » Chooks (Poultry)

 » Geese (Poultry)

 » Guinea Fowl (Poultry)

 » Pheasants (Poultry)

 » Turkeys (Poultry)

 » Enderby Island (Rabbits)

 » Californian (Rabbits)

 » Flemish Giants (Rabbits)

 » German Angora (Rabbits)

 » Rex (Standard) (Rabbits)

 » Silver Fox (Rabbits)

 » Chinchilla (Chinchillas)

 » Kiore (Polynesian Rat)

 » Awassi (Sheep)

 » Blackface (Sheep)

 » Cheviot (Sheep)

 » Cotswold (Sheep)

 » Damara (Sheep)

 » Dohne (Sheep)

 » Dorper (Sheep)

 » Dorset Horn (Sheep)

 » Drysdale (Sheep)

 » East Friesian (Sheep)

 » English Leicester (Leicester) (Sheep)

 » Finnsheep (Sheep)

 » Gotland Pelt (Sheep)

 » Hampshire (Sheep)

 » Karakul (Sheep)

 » Lincoln (Sheep)

 » Oxford (Sheep)

 » Polled Wiltshire (Sheep)

 » Ryeland (Sheep)

 » Scottish Blackface (Sheep)

 » Shropshire (Sheep)

 » Southdown (Sheep)

 » South Dorset (Sheep)

 » Tukidale (Sheep)

 » Wiltshire Horn (Sheep)

 » White Headed Marsh (Sheep)

 » About Feral Sheep (Feral Sheep)

 » Arapawa (Feral Sheep)

 » Campbell Island (Feral Sheep)

 » Chatham Island (Feral Sheep)

 » Clarence Reserve (Feral Sheep)

 » Diggers Hill (Feral Sheep)

 » Herbert (Feral Sheep)

 » Hokonui (Feral Sheep)

 » Mohaka (Feral Sheep)

 » Omahaki (Feral Sheep)

 » Pitt Island (Feral Sheep)

 » Raglan (Feral Sheep)

 » Stewart Island (Feral Sheep)

 » Woodstock (Feral Sheep)

 » Enderby Island Cattle (Projects)

 » Enderby Island Rabbits (Projects)

 » Large Black (Devon) Pigs (Projects)

 » Auckland Island Pigs (Projects)

 » Clarence Reserve Sheep (Projects)


Third Level Accessories and Articles

Accessed from appropriate Third Level pages

 » Arapawa Goats AI Trial (Goats)

 » Arapawa Goats Arrive in the UK (Goats)

 » Arapawa Goats in the USA (Goats)

 » Arapawa Sheep Breed Description (Arapawa Sheep)

 » Arapawa Pigs Breed Standard (Arapawa Pigs)

 » Auckland Island Pigs Breed Standard (Auckland Island Pigs)

 » Australian Teamster Donkeys (Donkeys)

 » Bison Photos (Bison)

 » Clydesdale Photos (Horses)

 » Damara of Southern Africa (Damara Sheep)

 » Diggers Hill Sheep Breed Standard (Diggers Hill Sheep)

 » DNA Studies of Rare Breeds (Enderby Cattle; Kunekunes; Auckland Island Pigs)

 » Enderby Cattle Breeding Strategy (Enderby Cattle)

 » Enderby Cattle Today (Enderby Cattle)

 » Enderby Rabbit Rescue Project(Enderby Rabbits)

 » Enderby Rabbit Article (Enderby Rabbits)

 » Feral Sheep in New Zealand (Feral Sheep article)

 » Feral Breeds Statement (Rare Breeds Society policy)

 » Feral Sheep of Campbell Island (Feral Sheep)

 » Grading (Breeding) Up

 » Hokonui Sheep Breed Standard (Hokonui Sheep)

 » How Many Sheep? (Sheep numbers in NZ)

 » Kaimanawa Horse Photos (Horses)

 » Kiko Goats in the USA (Goats)

 » The English Leicester (Sheep)

 » Llama Photos (Llamas)

 » Origin of Kiko Goats (Goats)

 » Origins and Relationships (Camelids)

 » Pitt Islanders (Pitt Island Sheep)

 » Saanen (Goats)

 » Shetlands on the Shetlands (Photos) (Horses)

 » Southdown (Sheep)

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Associates – Stud and Breed Information

Accessed from the Links page and the Breeders Directory

» Arapawa Wildlife Sanctuary ("Rare Breeds in their natural habitat")

» Avonstour Rare Breeds Farm (cattle, sheep, goats, donkeys, ponies, pigs, poultry, pigeons, dogs)

» Kunekune Association   (Kunekune Pigs)

» Mainland Dexters (Dexter cattle)

» Mohakatino Genetics (Rare Breeds semen)

» Natures Pace (Enderby Island rabbits)

» New Zealand (NI) Poultry...Association (Show dates and contacts)

» Rosemarkie Partnership (New Zealand Heritage Breeds)

» Southland Heirloom Breeds Charitable Trust (Auckland Island pigs, Hokonui sheep)

» Stoney Oaks Wildlife Park ("The Ultimate Animal Experience")   [Plus three other pages]

» Summer Wine Dun Dexters (Dun Dexter cattle)   [Plus ten other pages]

» Tullamore Galloways (Miniature and Standard Galloways)   [Plus three other pages]

» Willowbank Farm (Redirection)

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