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Sue with Karakuls

This New Zealand Breeding Centre is located away from the Willowbank Wildlife Reserve where it provides facilities for establishing breeding programmes in a more relaxed and private environment.

Black CockatooSome of the commercially viable species are Karakul Sheep and Miniature Cattle – Willowbank started breeding for Miniature Cattle in 1984, and its Karakul stud goes back to a 1989 importation. Its Miniature Donkey stud, however, was established with the first stock imported into New Zealand from Canada and Australia in the late 1970s. Other breeding programmes include Black Cockatoos.

Michael Willis and Sue Meager
Phone: (03) 318 1536
Fax: (03) 318 1526
E-mail: mike@willowbank.co.nz
New Zealand

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