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A Rare Breed of European Origin

Silver Spangled Hamburgs
Group of Silver Spangled Hamburgs at Willowbank

The Hamburg is one of the most elegant fowls and originated from coastal areas near the North Sea in Europe. It is a comparatively old breed and was known as an excellent layer of white eggs. These days many strains have been selected for exhibition purposes and do no longer excel when it comes to filling the egg basket.

Here in New Zealand the Hamburg comes is a variety of very attractive colours like Gold or Silver Pencilled, Gold or Silver Spangled and also black, blue and white. Hamburgs have a rose comb and pure white ear lobes.

Some strains of Hamburgs do go broody and make good mothers but their main use is to look attractive and lay eggs.


Hamburg hen
Gold Pencilled Hamburg hen
Hamburg hen
Silver Spangled Hamburg hen
Thanks to Marina Steinke for supplying the above information and photographs.

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