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Members of the Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand may use this form to add their name and contact details to the Website Breeders Directory or to alter a current listing. This is a free service for members, but only for breeds of livestock (or their products) that are recognized as having rare or minority status by the Rare Breeds Conservation Society in New Zealand.

Simply fill in your name and contact details, and the breeds you want to be listed under, on the form opposite – a detailed address is not required but you must show at least the area or region where you live.

Please make sure all your details are correct! And you should check them once they are on line, and let us know if or when anything needs to be changed.

Use the Mouse or Tab key to move around the form not the 'Enter' key (which may send the form prematurely).

Links to other websites will be included in Directory listings only when a return link is given to this website (



Please fill in details below:
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E-mail address:

Postal or residential address: (Must include region)

Breeds: (Rare or Minority only)

Check that everything is entered correctly and then click on 'SEND NOW' below.

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