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The English language contains no single word that refers to the domestic cock and hen collectively and exclusively. However, the word “chooks” (from British dialect) is widely used in New Zealand and Australia to describe this poultry species (Gallus gallus domesticus), and is accordingly used on this website.

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Chooks – Origin and Dispersal
New Hampshire
North Holland Blue
Plymouth Rock
Rhode Island Red

The following breeds do not have separate page descriptions.

Houdan HOUDAN: Probably the oldest French breed, it is characterised by its large crest, muffled face and glossy green-black colouring, mottled with white.
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Indian Game INDIAN GAME: This massive Cornish bird was developed in Britain to produce abundant breast and thigh meat. It has been described as the 'macho' of the poultry world.
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Japanese Bantams JAPANESE: The striking, extremely rare Japanese Bantam is purely ornamental, with very short legs and a remarkably long and erect tall rising well above head height. It has been developed by fanciers into a variety of colours.
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MODERN GAME: These long-legged game chooks were produced by crossing the Old English breed with the Malay chook. Half-a-dozen colour varieties are recognized.
White Pekin PEKIN: The best known of the true bantams. Quiet, friendly, and easily handled it has great appeal with its round, dumpy outline and feathered feet. It has been developed into a wide range of colours.
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POLISH: An unusual and very old breed with a spectacular head crest and virtually no comb. It is almost entirely a 'fancy' or show bird today. It is, however, an active breed which can do well in the farmyard.
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Black Rosecomb ROSECOMB: Physical perfection in straight out proportion and balance is the salient characteristic of the British Rosecomb. Most popular in pure black with a brilliant green sheen, with face, comb and wattles of bright cherry red.
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Silver and Golden Sebrights SEBRIGHT: The Sebright, another ornamental bantam, was produced in Britain about 1800; the cock bird is 'hen feathered,' that is, it has no neck hackles or tail sickles. It comes in gold and silver varieties, both black-laced.
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WELSUMMER: The Dutch Welsummer is noteworthy as a producer of deep brown eggs. Most birds are of the standard brownish or 'partridge' colouring, but this can be variable, especially when they are rare, as in this country.
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