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BUY: Wanted White Swans. Far North, Northland.   Pete (022) 062 8180   managermatauritrust (at)     [10.7.2018]

SELL: Purebred Damara ram, 1 year old for sale.   Phone Gail (06) 756 7624 or email stoneyoaks7 (at)     [5.7.2018]

BUY: I am looking for a Finn sheep ewe. Preferably from the North Island.   sabin_imhasly (at)     [21.6.2018]

SELL: Blue Swedish duck trios for sale, good size birds. $100 at the farm gate. Avonstour, Taranaki.   (06) 762 7992   avonstourisland (at)     [20.6.2018]

BUY: Looking for Palm Turkeys. I am from Southland.   Rjbulling (at)     [18.6.2018]


BUY: I am looking for a purebred male Flemish Giant, preferably located in the North Island. Thanks.   jemimahjongkind (at)     [24.5.2018]

BUY: Hi, I am looking to get some geese please?? A pair or even two pairs, I do live in the Waikato and wonder if there is anything available. Great home waiting for them!!   autotrimmers (at)     [23.5.2018]

SELL: Arapawa Island goat kids for sale. We have wethers, entire males and females available. Born in late Jan to late Feb. Priced from $50 to $200 each. Staglands, Upper Hutt.   Email wildlife (at)     [21.5.2018]

SELL: Arapawa Island goat – Quinlan Lic or Ice Daisy. Born 25 November 2017.   Contact Vicki Ferguson – quinlanstud (at)     [6.5.2018]

WANTED: Nubian goat buck service to Nubian doe required. Northland.   (021) 500 464     [4.5.2018]

BUY: Turkey hen, one or two as a mate for our friendly old tom.   anita.gus (at)     [25.4.2018]

STRATFORD SALE: The New Zealand Pig Breeders Association in conjunction with the Rare Breeds Conservation Society is holding a Show and Sale at Stratford on 19 May. Details on our News Page.     [23.4.2018]

BUY: Hi there, will be looking to purchase some Rare Breed geese for a 15 acre block that will have plum trees on in the Hokianga.   amjsadlier (at)     [20.4.2018]

SELL: Auckland Island weaner pigs, Christchurch, willing to meet petbus etc.   Simon (at)     [5.4.2018]

SOLD: Kunekune pure bred, all with tassels, 7 weeks old, West Melton area.   (0210) 240 4869     [29.3.2018]

SELL: Pure Tamworth boar, Weaners ready about 21st April, taking reservations now, near West Melton.   (0210) 240 4869     [29.3.2018]

SOLD: Khaki Campbell ducks, four good looking drakes available (5 months old) near West Melton.   (0210) 240 4869     [29.3.2018]

BUY: Sebastapol Geese. I have some beautiful Sebastapol males who are in need of mates. I am hoping to breed a full breed flock.   vickibradley26 (at)     [26.3.2018]

SELL: Cochin pullets and cockerels, buff, splash, blue, $35 each.   simon (at)     [24.3.2018]

SELL: Gotland ewes for sale. Well grown beautiful girls. Ready for the ram this season.   Contact Linda on (021) 051 5472 or (03) 310 7917 Rangiora.     [23.3.2018]

SELL: Piedmontese Cattle. I have surplus pedigree mixed age cows & heifers. AI weaner bull calves, from imported Italian semen. Build your own herd with what's on offer.   Call Don Knight on (027) 495 0535 to discuss.     [17.3.2018]

BUY: Looking for pair of swans or cygnets to buy. Consider swan eggs.   Tauranga based, phone or text (027) 541 4588.     [9.3.2018]

SELL: Pekin and Magpie ducks available. All hatched at the end of last year. Lovely young stock available to go to new homes, please feel free to come and have a look, we live in South Auckland.   Phone Cindy McGregor on (09) 948 3242. Email mcpeelkeep (at)     [6.3.2018]

SELL: Berkshire pigs for sale in Clevedon, South Auckland. Huxley, a boar with a wonderful nature who is three. Gilt available as well.   Please email Cindy on mcpeelkeep (at) or ring on (09) 948 3242 to discuss.     [6.3.2018]

SOLD: One Gotland Pelt ram lamb. Good for this breeding season. Situated in Greendale, Canterbury. $80.   Email: Jimari (at) or phone (03) 318 7237.     [4.3.2018]

SELL: Barred Plymouth Rock pullets for sale. Ready to go mid-March 2018. Whangarei.   E-mail: maccluck (at) Phone: (09) 438 6943     [23.2.2018]

SELL: Purebred coloured and white English Leicester sheep plus this season's ram and ewe lambs. Great selection. Wellington.   Contact nzaeolia (at)     [22.2.2018]

SELL: We have 7 polled and 2 horned Wiltshire ewes lambs for sale. Their sire is from Mangapiri Downs stud. $140 each. for further info.   Contact Ann (021) 0224 4407 or email info (at)     [21.2.2018]

BUY: Looking for 2 or 3 Indian Runner ducks or Welsh Harlequins. Will pay $20 - 40 per bird. Live in Nelson.   toby (at)     [21.2.2018]

BUY: I would like to buy 1 or 2 Silkie pullets. I live in Nothland far north.   E-mail: eneanicolich (at)     [17.2.2018]

BUY: We are looking to buy 3-5 Arapawa ewes. Nelson area but can possibly travel to collect.   Please contact Emily, Emmilounz (at) or (027) 255 9725. Thanks.     [16.2.2018]

SELL OR TRADE: Enderby cattle, Waipu goats, Canterbury Blue pigs, Hokonui sheep. Would look at trading for commercial animals or alternatively other rare breeds. Open to offers as priority is to get more breeders out there.   Phone Julian on (027) 436 1463 or email:julian.twiss (at)     [15.2.2018]

BUY: Wanting to buy or lease Arapawa Ram, Wellington region.   sandy (at)     [13.2.2018]

SELL: Golden Legbar breeding group for sale. Auto-sexing chooks great egg layers.   taiamaicorker (at)     [8.2.2018]

SELL: Ducks – Peking and Appleyard etc. $10 each. Deliveries to Manawatu possible. We are in Hawkes Bay.   Email: anita.gus (at)     [3.2.2018]

BUY: China Geese. Ian Duker, Feedmemilling (at)     [29.1.2018]

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