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SELL: Arapawa goats. I have 8 does and 4 wethers for sale. All does registered. All under 3 yrs old. Would love them to stay in the breeding programme. Fantastic healthy girls. Located in Sefton, 30 mins North of Christchurch. $150 each doe, $40 wethers.   Please email for photos or any other info, Emmilounz (at)

BUY: Wanting to buy miniature ducks and/or purebred Pekin ducks. Waikato area.   suzanne.paul (at)

SELL: I have a fantastic herd of Arapawa goats. There are 10 does aged from one to three years and four wethers. Very diverse breeding lines so would make a great foundation herd for someone. Located in Sefton, North Canterbury. I may be able to deliver.   Please email Emmilounz (at)

SELL: Two miniature Highland heifers. 2.5 and 3 years old. Beautiful girls. I would like them to go together. May be able to deliver. $1500 each. Located in Sefton, North Canterbury.   Please email Emmilounz (at)

BUY: Wanted: Texel Suffolk X ram. Auckland South.   (021)500 668

BUY: Wanted: A pair or two female white Swan. Established owner of swan for 30 years. Idyllic garden lake setting. Auckland South.   james, (021)500 668

BUY: Want to buy 2 very small hens (not bantams) as ours have either died or as of a few days back, got chased off the section by cats. Will travel in Canterbury to get them.   gwhe (at)

BUY: Wanting to buy French Houdan hens and a Mule, Taranaki.   ogrageyt (at)

SELL: Arapawa ewes, rams and wethers. Ewes are between 8 months and 2 years, $100 each. Rams are approx 9 months and have great horns, $130. Also young wethers for freezer or lawn mowing. Located in HOKITIKA.   Contact by email.michelle.bloomfield (at)

BUY: Wiltshire ewe or wether as paddock mate. Tauranga region.   janinemayes9 (at)

BUY: We are looking for a paddock mate for our pony. Any rare breed horse or pony considered. Excellent home assured.   Thanks from Davina and Bruce,

BUY: We are looking for a Finnsheep ram to join our flock. If you live some distance from Northland a lamb would be ideal so that we could arrange suitable transport.   Thank you from Davina and Bruce,

SELL: Karakul ram lambs for sale, 9 month old, 2 x red/cream, 1 x black. Pure bred. Motueka Valley.   Contact Sue on (021) 622 786, sue (at) for more information or photos

SELL: Large Black weaners: 5 boars, 1 sow, $100 each.   Contact Indywell Farms, (06) 752 3938 or Indywell Farms facebook page. North Taranaki.

SELL: Mated Wiltshire ewes for sale! Hardy, easy-care meat sheep. No dagging. No shearing. No drench, dip or vaccine since 1989.   Email: tim (at)   Phone (03) 225 5283

SELL: Arapawa sheep for sale. Currently located in Central North Island. Price on application.   Contact editor (at), phone (03) 342 8016

SELL: Mohaka sheep for sale. Currently located in Central North Island. Price on application.   Contact editor (at), phone (03) 342 8016

SELL: Stewart Island sheep for sale. Currently located in Central North Island. Price on application.   Contact editor (at), phone (03) 342 8016

BUY: Wanting to buy 5-6 Black Australorp pullets this coming season. Live in Christchurch.   Contact Daryl on (021) 249 9333 or haleydaryl (at)

BUY: LOOKING TO PURCHASE ARAPAWA DOES. Currently we have a 6-month old Arapawa buck purchased from Willowbank. We would LOVE to purchase some Arapawa does. We have been breeding Angora goats for 10 years but have just sold all our Angora goats.   Please contact Lesandre (027) 358 3284 in Loburn, North Canterbury.

SELL: Guinea fowl keets, three of. Offers as previous sale cancelled.   Email: Anita.Gus (at), Hawkes Bay.   (06) 211 8788

BUY: Hi, recently purchased a 10 acre block and are looking for rare breeds lifestock – donkey, sheep, cattle (prefer smaller breeds), pigs to run. Does anyone in the Canterbury area have anything we could consider?   katherineboniface (at)

SELL: Gotland Pelt ram – proven – ready and willing to work now – friendly.   (06) 372 718 Masterton.

SELL: Starter flock of Wiltshire Horn sheep – been bred for 10 years for full shed and black hooves – 12 mixed age ewes (in lamb) and one ram. $1200. Wairarapa.   (027) 574 2529

BUY: Looking to Buy 10 Nanny Kiko Goats and two Kiko Bucks, any information would be greatly appreciated.   bridiegillard07 (at)

SELL: Two Gotland ewe lambs for sale, $120 each. Born October 2018. Very friendly. Would prefer go as pair. Christchurch Port Hills area.  Email Sally: sewren (at)

SELL: 30 Large Black sows for sale, ten years of breeding for commercial attributes, out door farmed, would love to see some go to LB fanciers. $345 including GST.   Phone Hadley (027) 202 1960   Huntly.

BUY: We're looking to buy 2 female Indian Runner ducks. Kumeu, Auckland.   robs.graham (at)

SELL: Tamworth / Wessex Saddleback cross weaners, $140 each girls, $120 each boys.   calvin (at) or (0210) 240 4869, West Melton area, for viewing.

SELL: One lavendar and one black red Araucana pullet rooster. $30 each. Taihape.   jacqui.tink (at)

SELL: Purebred Damara ram lambs from registered dams and sire. Located Matangi, Waikato. Photos can be seen on current Trade Me listing or email (at)

SELL: Muscovy ducks. Drakes and hens. Various colours and ages. Oamaru.   waitakiwaters (at)

BUY: Golden Sebright rooster or fertile Golden Sebright eggs. Looking for breeding purposes in Christchurch to keep the breed going.   Please email: lisa (at) or phone: (03) 359 6226

SELL: Large Black sows, about 40 pure sows to go, known as Zenfirma farm, no veterinary products for 8 years. Hardy out-door girls, strict biosecurity, ten years of breeding, many showing in pig.   Phone Hadley (027) 202 1960, Huntly.

BUY: Two Arapawa rams (with horns) and 3-5 ewes. Don't need to be registered but must be pure. Rams needed asap. Southland area.   Phone (027) 607 4028

SELL: Orpington chickens in black and splash. Nine weeks old and well used to outside conditions. We think there are five black females and five splash females. Helensville area (north of Auckland). $15.00 each.   a.m.aspden2249 (at)

SELL: Gotland Pelt 18 month old proven ram $160, ram lambs and friendly pet wethers $100-$120. Photos on Gotland Pelt Breeders NZ Facebook group. Near Christchurch in Port Hills/Lyttelton Harbour area.   Email ginawaibl (at)

SELL: Pure Khaki Campbell hens and unrelated drakes, various ages, $25 each for drakes and $35 each for hens.   calvin (at) or (0210) 240 4869, West Melton area, for viewing.


SELL: Tamworth breeding boar, 2 years old, has produced good litters up to 14! $350.   calvin (at) or (0210) 240 4869, West Melton area, for viewing.

BUY: Wanted small flock of Pitt island Merino including non-related ram if possible. Experienced with sheep, have transport, plenty of grass / rougage on organic olive grove. Enthusiastic collector of rare things.   hondamad (at)

SELL: Khaki Campbell drakes, various ages, all this season, 6 in total available, $25 each.   calvin (at) or (0210) 240 4869, West Melton area, for viewing.

SELL: Interested in starting a purebred polled Wiltshire flock? I have a range of stud-bred Wiltshire rams, ewes and lambs available. Located near Rangiora. Please leave a message for Ernst on (03) 312 8351 or text (022) 160 0413 and I will get back to you.

BUY: Interested in buying the best egg laying rare breed chooks (Auckland).   kamilo_pau (at)

BUY: Two Saddleback piglets, female. Christchurch area.   info (at) or (021) 119 8866

BUY: I would like to buy Blue Laced and White Wyandottes or a sitting of eggs which may have these colours.   Please phone Sue on (027) 490 2073, Kaikoura

BUY: I would like to buy a Golden, Reeves or any other exotic Pheasant for our 10 acre block on Waiheke Island.   Phone Adam (021) 185 7857

SELL: Wiltshire sheep, full shedding. $200 each ewes (2-tooth) and 2018 lambs. (09) 43 1114

BUY: Canadian geese a male and female.   Contact Philip at philandmay (at), Waerenga, North Waikato.

SELL: Pure Berkshire boar, Pedro, available now only $250. He has produced good sized litters for us, 3 years old. Photos on Trademe.   calvin (at) or (0210) 240 4869, West Melton Area for viewing.

BUY: Wanted to buy Frill Back Pigeons.   Phone Gail at Stoney Oaks (06) 756 7624

BUY: Looking to buy pure Gotland ewes / ewe lambs. Preferably in South Island.   Phone (021) 082 69746

SELL: Arapawa ram, inherited with property, unsure of breeding / age.   Phone (09) 238 1124, Pukekohe area

SELL: Two White Galloway cattle, one cow gets in calf and calves very easy, currently empty as we have no bull, and one steer well grown, great nature, good to keep paddocks clean.   amanda (at)

BUY: Golden Pheasant male to live with our three lovely ladies, based in Northland.   cheryl (at) (027) 246 1842.

BUY: Looking for a black Indian Runner duck female. Christchurch area.   Sutherlandbevan (at)

SELL: Two young, fine, tame, Silver Spangled Hamburg roosters for sale.   AskUs (at)

SELL: 25-week-old Barred Rocks and Golden Laced Wyandottes for sale. Nelson - Stoke - 7011.   E-email: toby.munro (at)

SELL: Gotland ram lambs for sale Rangiora, ready to work this season, $80.   Phone (03) 310 7917 or (021) 051 5472

SELL: Gotland Pelt ram lamb. Ready to use for breeding this year. $80.   jimari (at)

SELL: Raglan sheep. One ewe and one ram. Must go together to someone who would like to start a small flock of this rare breed. Help with contacting the only other three breeders in New Zealand – they are all in the South Island.   jimari (at)

SELL: Four Canterbury Blue piglets, three months old, from same litter. $150 each. 18-month old friendly boar also available. From an organic farm.   Please contact Gaylene (027) 228 1961 Canterbury or barnes.highbank (at)

SELL: I have one Dorset Horn ram lamb. He is a twin out've a two-tooth ewe and is a great example of the breed. Born in September. Ready to work this coming season. Looking for $120. Pick up is in Dunedin.   (021) 029 13005 cameron.leslie (at)

SELL: Two purebred Gotland Island ram lambs available, one silver and one black, big enough to work now.   Phone (06) 756 7624

Hinterwald cow

SELL: Feeling a bit sad today we are selling surplus stock. If not sold will go to the works. Rare breed Hinterwald cattle – this is such a good chance to buy cattle at cull cow prices. Kaponga Dundee - our bull; Mangatoto Helga - 7 years; Mangatoro Toru - 6 years; Mangatoro Kahu - 5 years; Mangatoro Mimosa - 3 years; maybe some steer calves as well.   k.k.phelps (at)   (Photo on the right is of one of our cows with her calf. See also Hinterwald Cattle.)

BUY: North Island. Looking for a pure bred full sheding Damara ram lamb. Preferred colour would be black and white or just black. But willing to consider other colours. Needs to be horned. Willing to travel for the right animal. Auckland.   Email me on wolga (at)

SELL: Khaki Campbell ducklings, 2 weeks old, not sexed, 7 available, $12 each.   calvin (at) or (0210) 240 4869, West Melton Area for viewing.

BUY: Black Minorca poultry breeding pair, or Andalusian. North Island preferred if possible.   patriciahowitt (at)

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