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Caveat emptor: The Rare Breeds Conservation Society advises that it is unable to check the quality of stock bought or sold through Webmart and recommends that buyers check any stock themselves before buying.



SELL: Japanese Bantam rooster (white) $25, Willowbank Christchurch.   Email: simon.nelley (at)     [20.3.2017]

BUY: Sebright cockerel/rooster, gold, must be suitable for breeding.   simon.nelley (at)     [17.3.2017]

SELL: Auckland Island weaner pigs, ready in a few weeks.   simon.nelley (at)     [17.3.2017]

SELL: Berkshire boar, registered with NZPB, coming up 5 years old, great to handle, nice nature, leaves lovely piglets, is new American line, genuine reason for selling.   Phone (03) 204 8400 or email ardmorehouse (at)     [10.3.2017]

SELL: East Freisian ewe lambs, well grown, purebred, shorn, drenched regularly. $180.00.   Phone (03) 204 8400 or email ardmorehouse (at)     [9.3.2017]

SELL: Clevedon South Auckland. Eight-month old Nubian buck with horns. Woody. Good nature. Sire is a Desert Nubian buck. Dam Simmbian Suez whose sire is Osment Flash Gordon. Must go to kind home with good housing. $300.00.   Contact email mcpeelkeep (at)     [6.3.2017]

SELL: Eight-month old Nubian buck. Black and tan with horns. Sire is a Desert Nubians buck. Dam is Simmbian Makaya whose Sire is Osment Khan. To go to a kind home with good housing. $350.00.   Contact Cindy McGregor from Clevedon Auckland via email mcpeelkeep (at)     [6.3.2017]

SELL: Anglo-Nubian buck, 2 years old, proven, bred by Desert Nubians sire and dam from Greendale Nubians. $350.00 to kind home with good housing. Now we have his daughters we need new bloodlines, only reason for selling. Excellent temperament.   Contact Cindy McGregor from Clevedon Auckland via email mcpeelkeep (at)     [6.3.2017]

SELL: Two Arapawa Island wether goats, black & tan, and white, tan & black. Two years old end of September 2016. Located in West Melton, Christchurch.   Phone (021) 032 8817     [28.2.2017]

SELL: Beautiful Pekin, Magpie and Campbell ducks to breeding, pet and egg homes. Clevedon, South Auckland. $25.00 per bird. Lots to choose from. Feel free to come and have a look.   mcpeelkeep (at)     [27.2.2017]

SELL: Guinea Fowl keets six weeks old, Pearl & Lavender. Not sexed. $15.00 each. Helensville area, must pick up.   Phone (09) 420 8383 or email aspden (at)     [27.2.2017]


SELL: Ancona ducks. Limited supply of these non-flying (keep mine behind 2ft netting), large egg laying, friendly ducks. Only black and white at this time. $50 pair or $80 trio. Whangarei area.   Phone (09) 433 5111.     [24.2.2017]

SELL: Mixed age Shropshire ewes and rams. All registered, can be transferred if required. Rosemarkie Stud breeding for over 30 years. Ewes $140-$180; stud and commercial rams $300-$400. All Plus GST. 10% discount for 6 or more ewes in one purchase.   rosemarkie (at)     [20.2.2017]

SELL: Young Gotland rams plus Gotland ewes for sale. $90 to $120.   Phone Rangiora (03) 310 7917, (021) 051 5472 or email     [18.2.2017]

SELL: Wiltshire Horn rams and ram lambs. Northern Hawkes Bay.   taiamaicorker (at)     [5.2.2017]

SELL: Black East Friesian rams and ram lambs for sale from Kingsmeade milking lines. Organically farmed and bred to be hardy. Northern Hawkes Bay.   taiamaicorker (at)     [5.2.2017]

SELL: Miniature Kunekune piglets.   Phone Gail at Stoney Oaks (06) 756 7624, evenings are best.     [31.1.2017]

SELL: Indian Runner ducks for sale. Marlborough.   Phone (027) 253 3524 or (03) 573 9040.   totararidge (at)     [29.1.2017]

BUY: British Alpine buck. Gisborne Area.   Email: inbarlandhome (at) or phone Amber (06) 862 1988     [29.1.2017]

BUY: Kunekune pigs. I would prefer piglets as I want them as pets – and I would like a couple of females if possible.   marion.gillespie (at)   (03) 312 1232.     [28.1.2017]

SELL: Mohaka sheep breeding flock. Four ewes and one ram. All aged between 6 months and 3 years. Quite wild so require decent fencing. $350 for the lot. Located near Napier.   Email sa_cave (at)     [26.1.2017]

SELL: Alpine Doeling from champion lines. Well grown and ready to go to the buck. Registered with Premier Dairy Goat Breeders Also Toggenburg cross doe. Registered with Combined Breeds Dairy Goat Assn. $160 each. Approved home only. Central Hawkes Bay.   skiltondairygoats (at)     [23.1.2017]

FREE: Red Sussex roosters. 4 months old – Free – Dunedin.   chrissy.mac (at)     [21.1.2017]

BUY: 2x rawhiti goat does.   graemedumper (at)     [15.1.2017]

SELL: Wiltshire ram lambs and 2-tooths, complete shedders and good feet. Some older ewes and ewe lambs also available now.   Contact Alan on (06) 752 3733.     [14.1.2017]

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