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Webmart advertisements (for Rare and Minority breeds of livestock only) will be displayed for three months – please let the Webmaster know if stock is sold before then.   Advertisements for half-bred animals will be considered if one parent is of a pure rare or minority breed.   Advertisements are generally limited to a maximum of 60 words, and they will be displayed in the order they are received (most recent on top).   The best way to find a particular breed on this page is to use your browser's 'Find' facility – usually Ctrl+F – see also Viewing Hints.

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Caveat emptor: The Rare Breeds Conservation Society advises that it is unable to check the quality of stock bought or sold through Webmart and recommends that buyers check any stock themselves before buying.


BUY: I would like to buy a Golden, Reeves or any other exotic Pheasant for our 10 acre block on Waiheke Island.   Phone Adam (021) 185 7857

SELL: Wiltshire sheep, full shedding. $200 each ewes (2-tooth) and 2018 lambs. (09) 43 1114

BUY: Canadian geese a male and female.   Contact Philip at philandmay (at), Waerenga, North Waikato.

SELL: Pure Berkshire boar, Pedro, available now only $250. He has produced good sized litters for us, 3 years old. Photos on Trademe.   calvin (at) or (0210) 240 4869, West Melton Area for viewing.

BUY: Wanted to buy Frill Back Pigeons.   Phone Gail at Stoney Oaks (06) 756 7624

BUY: Looking to buy pure Gotland ewes / ewe lambs. Preferably in South Island.   Phone (021) 082 69746

SELL: Arapawa ram, inherited with property, unsure of breeding / age.   Phone (09) 238 1124, Pukekohe area

SELL: Two White Galloway cattle, one cow gets in calf and calves very easy, currently empty as we have no bull, and one steer well grown, great nature, good to keep paddocks clean.   amanda (at)

BUY: Golden Pheasant male to live with our three lovely ladies, based in Northland.   cheryl (at) (027) 246 1842.

BUY: Looking for a black Indian Runner duck female. Christchurch area.   Sutherlandbevan (at)

SELL: Two young, fine, tame, Silver Spangled Hamburg roosters for sale.   AskUs (at)

SELL: 25-week-old Barred Rocks and Golden Laced Wyandottes for sale. Nelson - Stoke - 7011.   E-email: toby.munro (at)

SELL: Gotland ram lambs for sale Rangiora, ready to work this season, $80.   Phone (03) 310 7917 or (021) 051 5472

SELL: Gotland Pelt ram lamb. Ready to use for breeding this year. $80.   jimari (at)

SELL: Raglan sheep. One ewe and one ram. Must go together to someone who would like to start a small flock of this rare breed. Help with contacting the only other three breeders in New Zealand – they are all in the South Island.   jimari (at)

SELL: Four Canterbury Blue piglets, three months old, from same litter. $150 each. 18-month old friendly boar also available. From an organic farm.   Please contact Gaylene (027) 228 1961 Canterbury or barnes.highbank (at)

SELL: I have one Dorset Horn ram lamb. He is a twin out've a two-tooth ewe and is a great example of the breed. Born in September. Ready to work this coming season. Looking for $120. Pick up is in Dunedin.   (021) 029 13005 cameron.leslie (at)

SELL: Two purebred Gotland Island ram lambs available, one silver and one black, big enough to work now.   Phone (06) 756 7624

Hinterwald cow

SELL: Feeling a bit sad today we are selling surplus stock. If not sold will go to the works. Rare breed Hinterwald cattle – this is such a good chance to buy cattle at cull cow prices. Kaponga Dundee - our bull; Mangatoto Helga - 7 years; Mangatoro Toru - 6 years; Mangatoro Kahu - 5 years; Mangatoro Mimosa - 3 years; maybe some steer calves as well.   k.k.phelps (at)   (Photo on the right is of one of our cows with her calf. See also Hinterwald Cattle.)

BUY: North Island. Looking for a pure bred full sheding Damara ram lamb. Preferred colour would be black and white or just black. But willing to consider other colours. Needs to be horned. Willing to travel for the right animal. Auckland.   Email me on wolga (at)

SELL: Khaki Campbell ducklings, 2 weeks old, not sexed, 7 available, $12 each.   calvin (at) or (0210) 240 4869, West Melton Area for viewing.

BUY: Black Minorca poultry breeding pair, or Andalusian. North Island preferred if possible.   patriciahowitt (at)

SELL: Wiltshire Horn ram hogget. Has nicely spaced horns and has fully shed out. Still has a little growing to do. Photos available.   Please contact Ann (021) 0224 4407 Invercargill or info (at)

BUY: Am looking for some Chuka partridge breeding birds. Marlborough.   david (at)

SELL: Two purebred Stud East Friesian ewes, born 2016, both rearing twins and in milk. $200.00 plus GST. North Canterbury area.  Contact Susan on (021) 141 7349 or terry.sue (at)

SELL: Heritage Animal Notecards. Four new designs available – see Notecards for details. Ideal as birthday, Christmas or occasional cards. $2 each plus postage.   Contact Marion at Canterbury (at)

SELL: Large Mondain Pigeons. These are a European Meat Breed. Easy care, large and tasty. From the last utility pigeons in New Zealand. Range of colours, tame and hardy. Can be transported by Petbus throughout country.   Julian (027) 436 1463.

SELL: Auckland Island piglets... We have two litters of piglets for sale. The first litter of five piglets born 29/09/2018 available now – 3 boars, 2 sows.   The second litter was born 18/11/2018 and will be available mid-late January – 6 boars, 2 sows.   lisa (at)

SELL: Breeding herd of up to 9 Waipu Goats of mixed ages. Wethered kids available as pets, meat or mohair. Located near Christchurch.   Contact jilllovesmichael (at)

BUY: Want to buy two Dorper ewe lambs, ideally 2-3 months old. Not for eating, for lawn mowing duties on small acreage near Paeroa, Waikato.   srlobb007 (at)

BUY: I would like to buy a white Peacock or Peahen. I am on 10 acres on Waiheke Island.   Phone (021) 185 7857

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