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We cater for ALL shooters
from Complete Beginners
to Experienced Shots
as well as Game Shooters

Coached individually, or in groups, that can be your choice.
All sessions are designed to be an enjoyable experience.

Our repeat business only comes from the results we have achieved.   References available.

International Experience

Australia, New Caledonia
Levels of qualification in D.T.L. Skeet, Ball Trap, Sporting I.S.M. Skeet.

Want to increase your bag?

Tired of being "out shot" by your mates?

Introductory Shooting

Children from 8 years old, under full instruction.
We use specific youth guns, which are designed for virtually no recoil.
Children learn the correct techniques from the beginning.

Firearm Safety

Throughout our instruction the underlying theme is SAFETY.
Learn good habits for the future and be a "responsible owner" shooter.

Gun Fitting Service

Before you purchase your next gun, let us advise you on "gun fit."
Usually takes 10 to 20 minutes. This is the most important aspect to improve your results.

(07) 378 3242

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