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Thank you for your Membership Application

The form you have just filled in has been sent to the Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand for processing.

Please note, however, that your membership will not be processed until the Subscription fee ($NZ50 for Ordinary membership or $NZ65 for Joint membership within New Zealand; $NZ60 and $NZ75 respectively for overseas members) has been paid into the Society's bank account:

03 1355 0685162 00

Be sure to include your name and the word 'Membership' – if you don't have access to on-line banking, send the money to Eric Fox (Treasurer), 240 Kiokio Station Road, R D 4, OTOROHANGA 3874 [New Zealand].

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to have your contact details added to the on-line Directory, please fill in the Breeders Directory Listing form.

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