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New Zealand: Rare
Developed: 1950s

South Dorset Sheep

A Rare Breed of New Zealand Origin

      The South Dorset was developed in New Zealand in the 1950s. Originally called the South Dorset Down, it was produced by crossing Dorset Down rams with Southdown ewes (see » Southdown ).   A typical ‘Downs’ sheep, it has a brown face, ears and legs, and a fine short fleece.

      The South Dorset is a large, rapidly-maturing breed used mainly for export lambs, although the rams are used with ewes of other breeds as well to produce meat lambs.

      The breed was oficially renamed South Dorset in the 1980s.   There are now five to six thousand found throughout the country where they do well in a wide range of conditions.

      [We would greatly appreciate a photo of a South Dorset to add to this page.]

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