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New Zealand: Rare
Origin: Feral

Raglan Sheep

A Rare Breed of New Zealand Origin

Raglan Romneys at Winchmore 2003 (Trotter/McCulloch photo)
Raglan sheep at Winchmore 2003 (Trotter/McCulloch photo)
Raglan sheep at Winchmore 2003   (Trotter/McCulloch photos)

      Raglan sheep were sourced from a bush- and scrub-covered peninsula jutting into the eastern side of Raglan Harbour in the Waikato, where sheep had been running wild for some time.

      The first group of two rams and four ewes was mustered in April 1976; eight ewes were added in December of that same year. (The peninsula was subsequently cleared of bush – and sheep – and broken in for farming.)

      The descendants of this small flock remained in the care of Government farms since that time until mid-2005. Apart from a few rams that were released to one breeder for use in grading up, a carefully controlled breeding programme was undertaken over that period to retain the genetic purity of the line.

      The Raglans are relatively small sheep, and although they most closely resemble early Romney imports, some animals show a resemblance to the Cheviot in their arched noses and lack of wool on the poll.

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