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Anglo-Nubian: Rare
Nubian: Minority

Anglo-Nubian / Nubian Goats

A Rare Breed of British Origin

Nubian doe
Nubian doe   (Nubian Breed Society of NZ photo)

      This breed was produced by crossing English goats with goats from Egypt and India. They are medium to large animals and their eastern origins show in their Roman noses and long pendulous ears, which are set low on the head, wide and open. They are alert, sound, and well balanced with a high proud head carriage. The coat can be of any colour or combination of colours.

      The breed is recognised in overseas countries as a dual purpose (dairy and meat) animal but it is more commonly bred for dairy type in New Zealand – although they produce less milk than some of the specialized Swiss dairy goats, it is of better quality.

      Anglo-Nubians were first imported into New Zealand in 1930 with the aim of setting up a goat milking industry. This venture did not develop as hoped and eventually government participation in the scheme was dropped. Many goats were liberated into the bush, leaving a legacy of occasional Anglo-Nubian features in some of the country’s feral goats.

Nubian doe (Photo by Gail Simons)
Nubian doe
(Photo by Gail Simons)

      In 1971 Anglo-Nubians were once again imported, this time from Australia, and many imports followed over the next decade or so. These imports occur far back in the pedigrees of the Anglo-Nubians in New Zealand today.

      In New Zealand two different types of Nubians are recognized:

Anglo-Nubian – These goats must be of pure British blood. All these animals are registered Herd Book animals.

Nubian – This includes all other Nubian goats including those bred up from an initial cross with another breed.

      At the middle of the year 2002, 180 Anglo-Nubians and 3079 Nubians had been registered with the New Zealand Dairy Goat Breeders Association, representing 6.36% of registered dairy goats.

The Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand thanks the  New Zealand Dairy Goat Breeders Association and  The Nubian Breed Society of New Zealand for assistance with the preparation of this page.

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