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New Zealand: Rare
Importation: 1980s

Morgan Horses

A Rare Breed of North American Origin


If the Walt Disney film, ‘Justin Morgan Had a Horse’ is familiar to you, then you may also be familiar with this incredible horse. You could say that it really is a New Zealander’s ideal of the most versatile breed of horse.

‘Figure’, the foundation sire for this people-loving, capable, and very athletic and agile breed, originated in Vermont, United States in the 1780s.

Though he was only 14.1 hands at his maturity, he could out pull, out trot, and out race any other horse that challenged him. He became so well known and successful that he was sort-after as the ideal sire over any type of mare. His incredible prepotency left offspring capable of participating in any discipline, and with beautiful conformation and features at the same time.

The Morgan’s intelligence and quick learning ability; together with a love of Parade work – being in the Public eye – and being such a kind, trusting and easily maintained horse, saw them become the mainstay of the American Army and Canadian Mounted Police.

Typically, the Morgan’s popularity increased and became part of the family.

The Morgan today can be seen very successfully competing in every discipline, be it Dressage, Hunting, Carriage Driving, Combined Driving (cross country with a carriage or marathon vehicle), Eventing, Pony Club and associated events, Show Jumping, Endurance, Trekking, Pleasure Riding, Western Riding, Adults returning to riding.

The fact that one horse is able to compete in all of these disciplines, if required, is really quite incredible.

So you see, the Morgan really is the New Zealander’s horse – so versatile and fun, just like No. 8 wire – adaptable.

‘JMF Royal Secret’ (imp) is the foundation sire for Morgan horses in New Zealand and together with the mare, ‘JMF Beam Song,’ established the Purebred Morgan in this country.

Numerous mares from a variety of breeds and of different heights have been used very successfully to develop PartMorgans in New Zealand.

If you are looking for a beautifully put-together horse or pony, capable of achieving whatever you would want to do, in return for your kindness, experience and commitment, then consider the Morgan horse.

There is a saying that “Once you have owned a Morgan, then no other horse will do.”

Thanks to Sandy Hooper for the above.
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