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New Zealand: Rare
Importation: 1980

American Miniature Horses

A Rare Breed of American Origin

Owner Sue Meager with Miniature Horse (Trotter/McCulloch photo)
Owner Sue Meager with Miniature Horse   (Trotter/McCulloch photo)

      The first American Miniature horses were imported into New Zealand in 1980 – five stallions and thirteen mares. In 1988 more American and English miniatures were brought in. The first Miniature Horse associations were formed in 1998 and 1990, and in 1996 the two were joined together to become the New Zealand Miniature Horse Association (or NZMHA). Nowadays there are numbers of Miniatures all over the country with American, English, Australian and South American bloodlines.

Miniature horse, Boones Little Buckeroo (Photo courtesy Samantha Hoy)
Miniature horse, Boones Little Buckeroo   (Photo courtesy Samantha Hoy)

      Miniature Horses are literally horses in miniature. They can come in all colour varieties. They are put into two categories:   Category A Miniatures must be no higher than 34 inches (86.3 centimetres) at the wither, and Category B Miniatures must be at least 34 inches but no higher than 38 inches (96.5 centimetres).

      Miniatures are prized most for size (as small as possible), conformation (as close to a full-sized horse as possible and no faults such as parrot mouth) and temperament.

      They have excellent temperaments which make them perfect for showing – they participate in halter, jumping, obstacle, harness, costume and much more. They also make wonderful pets (they can even be kept in the backyard!).

Information courtesy Samantha Hoy, » Miniature Horses NZ, Auckland.

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