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New Zealand: Rare
Importation: 1990

Finnsheep (Finnish Landrace)

A Rare Breed of Finnish Origin

Finnsheep  (Photo courtesy Daniel Wheeler)
Finnsheep   (Photo courtesy Daniel Wheeler)
Finnsheep hoggets (Trotter/McCulloch photo)
Finnsheep hoggets, showing the naturally short tail

      The Finnsheep or Finnish Landrace first arrived in New Zealand in the 1980s and was released from quarantine in 1990. It is characterized by its high fertility (lambing rates frequently exceed 200 percent) and its white, lustrous, bulky fleece. Other recognition features are its naturally short tail, its clear, wool-free face, and its pink nose.

      Besides its good, fine-woolled fleece, it produces very lean meat.

      Originating in Finland in northern Europe, the Finnsheep is an active, hardy animal, adaptable to a wide range of conditions. It is most generally used for crossing to increase fertility in a standard flock. It also brings with it resistance to facial eczema.

      A few thousand of this breed can today be found throughout New Zealand.

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