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Enderby Cattle Today

Update and Photographs of Enderby Cattle

All the adult Enderby cattle, January 2007
All the adult Enderby cattle, with the founding matriarch, Lady, at the back.
In the foreground are – left to right: LC6 (clone, born 1998), LC9 (clone, born 1998), 1 of 2002, 2 of 2002, 1 of 2004, 2 of 2004.
Enderby calves with recipient mothers
Purebred Enderby calves, born late 2006 from embryo transplants, with their recipient mothers
  Enderby calf from embryo transfer
One of the purebred Enderby bull calves, born in October 2006 from an embryo transplant.
During 2006, when the total number of Enderby cattle in the world was seven females, embryos from three of them, fertilized with semen taken from bulls on Enderby Island in 1991, were placed in Angus- and Devon-cross recipient cows. By the end of the year six purebred Enderby calves had been born – three heifers and three bulls – giving renewed hope for the survival of this breed. (The above photos were taken on Dave and Judi Matheson's place, on 21 January 2007.)
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