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A Rare Breed of Belgian Origin

Group of Silver Campines
Group of Silver Campines

The Campine is a hugely underrated breed. They are very economical to keep and are excellent foragers. The white eggs they lay are plentiful and large for their body size.

Being a light breed, the Campine is flighty and loves to roost in trees, no matter what the weather holds in store. They come in two colours – gold and silver. Their plumage is striking with their white or gold hackles and barred body.

A peculiarity about the Campines is that the males are ‘henny’ feathered. This means that, just like females, the males don’t have sickle feathers or pointy, shiny hackle and saddle feathers. The only distinction between the sexes is the slightly larger size of the cock birds and their bigger comb and wattles.

Like in many of the heritage breeds, laying ability varies hugely between strains, so asking before buying is recommended.

Group of Gold Campines
Group of Gold Campines
Group of Silver Campines
Group of Silver Campines
Thanks to Marina Steinke for supplying the above information.

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