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Jackson and Calendula
Suffolk Punch stallion Jackson and mare Calendula

Jackson and Calendula (above) are the last remaining purebred Suffolk Punch horses left in New Zealand. They represent a link to the past and to the future, not only for New Zealand, but internationally with their genetics. Worldwide Suffolk Punch horses are dwindling in numbers, including in their homeland – genetic vitality is needed to support and grow their numbers, and Jackson and Calendula play a key role in this.

The Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand plans to collect semen from Jackson for use in New Zealand and internationally. Initial test have shown his semen to be of good quality.

Embryos once fertilized will be taken from Calendula and placed in recipient mares to carry the foals, meaning that multiple foals could be produced from the mare each year. The success of this scheme is dependent on public generosity and donations are currently being sought by online fundraising through Givealittle.

Your assistance would be much appreciated.

For more information about these heritage horses go to our Suffolk Punch webpage.

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