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Registering Hokonuis
Registering Hokonui sheep

The main object of the Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand, as documented in its Constitution, is “to ensure the conservation of breeds, breeding groups and the genetic diversity of domestic livestock, for the benefit of members of the public as well as for the benefit of future generations of agriculturalists”.

One of the ways the Society aims to do this is to provide a registration facility for established New Zealand rare breed societies that do not have their own formal breed registries and for other rare breeds that are not represented by breed societies.

The current registration scheme does not require physical inspection of the animals – that is beyond our resources – but each animal must have some form of individual identification such as an ear tag, microchip, or good photographs, and the owner must be able to provide some evidence of the animal’s provenance.

All Registry enquiries (including obtaining a password) to registry(at) please (type out this e-mail address replacing (at) with @).   You can access the Registry with a password through Registry Logon.

Note that this registration system is run as a service, and the Rare Breeds Conservation Society accepts no responsibility for the background or quality of the animals registered.

In the initial set-up phase (until 31 December 2017) there will be no cost for a member of the Rare Breeds Conservation Society to register a breed or an animal. However, access to the Registry is available only to members of the Rare Breeds Conservation Society. (To join the Society go to our Join page.)

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