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Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand

Website Policy

At the 2010 Annual General Meeting of the Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand (Incorporated) it was decided, with no dissentions, that as from 1 May 2010 only members of the Rare Breeds Conservation Society would be entitled to listings on the Website's Directory and Webmart.

There were several reasons for this change in policy, not the least being the increasing number of Directory entries that had become out-of-date through breeders not notifying us of changes to their addresses or breeds. It was often very difficult (if not impossible) to check them, and although it is the breeders' responsibility to keep the information correct, Society volunteers often faced criticism, frustration and extra work because of outdated listings.

Another reason was that the Directory had become too unwieldy due to the very large number of entries in some categories.

There were difficulties, too, with Webmart. A surprising number of people did not follow the simple conditions for this free service, and all too often gave inadequate or incorrect contact details.

By restricting these services to members, it is anticipated that it will be more practicable to ensure that the details provided on the Website are correct, thus providing a better service to all those who use it, and at the same time provide an extra benefit for those who support the Society.

Reciprocal links to non-members' websites will still be listed on our Links page.

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