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The next meeting of the Canterbury group of the Rare Breeds Conservation Society will be held at Willowbank Wildlife Reserve (60 Hussey Road, Christchurch) at 7.30 pm on Friday 22 September 2017. Everyone with an interest in rare breeds is welcome.

The next big event for Canterbury Rare Breeds people will be the Canterbury A&P Show to be held from Wednesday 15 to Friday 17 November 2017. A start has been made on planning, and we are currently seeking people to help on the three days. We need lots of volunteers who can give a morning or afternoon to talk to visitors, hand out leaflets and generally keep things going. No special knowledge required – there will be a site map of where all animals are situated and a contact person for each exhibit. Offers of help and enquiries to Marion at canterbury(at) or phone (03) 318 7237 please. See our Show Page for photos of last year's Rare Breeds display.



New pages added to the Rare Breeds Website during the past few months include:
       Leghorn Chooks     [30.8.2017]
       Plymouth Rock Chooks     [30.8.2017]
       Campine Chooks     [30.8.2017]
       Cochins in New Zealand     [18.8.2017]
       New Hampshire Red Chooks     [12.8.2017]
       Silkie Chooks     [12.8.2017]
       Cochin Chooks     [12.8.2017]
       Orpington Chooks     [30.7.2017]
       Faverolles Chooks     [29.7.2017]
       Hinterwald Cattle     [22.7.2017]
       Save the Suffolks     [27.2.2017]
       Breeding Enderby Rabbits     [24.2.2017]
Check them out.

(Webmart and Directory are updated immediately listings change, and minor updates to other pages are not listed above.)

The Story of New Zealand's Arapawa Goats

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Rare Breeds member and organizer of the New Zealand Arapawa Goats Association, Alison Sutherland, has published a book on our Arapawa Goats. For years there has been some controversy as to when their ancestors first came to New Zealand and this book is the result of four years of comprehensive research into their origin and history.

In a foreword to the book, Michael Willis of the Willowbank Wildlife Reserve has noted –
“Alison takes us on a journey that is not only extremely readable and fascinating in its content, but it also gives an historical insight into part of our nation’s early history. Years of research has enabled Alison to systematically paint a verbal picture, bringing all the elements together in a way that has never been done before. This is an extremely enjoyable book to read, and an incredibly valuable documentation of a little known animal that has helped shape our country and identity.”

Printed in New Zealand, No Ordinary Goat, The Story of New Zealand’s Arapawa Goats, is a large (255 x 175 millimetres), soft cover book of 224 pages, with over 50 illustrations in colour. The price is set at $33 (GST inclusive) to keep it affordable for people wanting to know about the Arapawa goats. Postage is $7 for 1 or 2 books, and $14 for 3–5. Copies may be ordered on line from –


wad World Animal Day

World Animal Day is 4 October. Go to the  World Animal Day website for details and suggestions – plus items about last World Animal Day.



1. Contacts for South Island Poultry Clubs:

Ashburton Fanciers Society Inc: Mr B. J. Glassey, Longbeach Road, R D 4, Ashburton. E-mail: ashburtonfanciers (at)   Website: Ashburton Fanciers Society

Christchurch Poultry, Bantam & Pigeon Club: P O Box 8436, Riccarton, Christchurch 8440. E-mail: Show venue: 294 Blenheim Road, Riccarton. Website: Christchurch Poultry, Bantam & Pigeon Club.

Dunedin Poultry, Pigeon & Cage Bird Club: Mr C. Wilson, 5 Benfell Street, Green Island, Dunedin.

Ellesmere A & P Assn: Mrs H. Henderson, P O Box 17, Leeston.

Heartland Poultry Club: Lucy Raisbeck.   Phone: (03) 302 8646.   E-mail: heartlandpoultry (at)   Website: Heartland Poultry Club.

Invercargill Homing Pigeon Club: Mrs Y. Service,108 Oreti Street, Invercargill.

Invercargill Poultry & Pigeon Club: Mr M. Tucker, 329 Chesney Street, Invercargill.

MacKenzie A & P Assn: Mrs M. Thomas, Box 53, Fairlie.

Marlborough Poultry, Pigeon & Cage Bird Assn: Ms K Watson P O Box 869, Blenheim 7240.

Milton Poutry & Bird Club: Mrs I. M. Robinson, 21 George Street, Milton.

Nelson Poultry & Pigeon Assn Inc: Mrs A. Fryer, 67 Gladstone Road, Richmond, Nelson.

North Canterbury Poultry & Pigeon Club: Miss P. Brosnan, 130 Dalziels Road, Fernside, Rangiora.

Oamaru Poultry, Pigeon & Canary Society: Mr T. R. Hill, 13 Reservoir Road, Oamaru.

Taieri Poultry, Pigeon & Bird Club: Mr S. Bennett, 399 Pine Hill Road, Dunedin.

United Pigeon Fanciers Assn: Mrs S Greenwood, 1409 Bealey Road, R D 1, Darfield 7571.

Waimate Winter Show: Mrs N. Wells, 21 Edinburgh Street, Waimate.

West Coast (SI) Poultry & Pigeon Club: Mr D. Brooks, 28 Taylor Street, Taylorville, Greymouth.

The Secretary for The New Zealand (S.I.) Poultry, Pigeon and Cage Bird Association (Inc): Mrs Karyn Cardno, 7 John Street, Oceanview, Dunedin. Phone: (03) 481 1041.

2. For the North Island, see New Zealand Poultry, Pigeon & Cage Birds Associations.

Changes to Webmart and Breeders Directory

At the 2010 Annual General Meeting of the Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand (Incorporated) it was decided, with no dissentions, that as from 1 May 2010 only members of the Rare Breeds Conservation Society would be entitled to listings on the Website's Directory and Webmart. See Policy for details.

Charities Act Registration

The Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand Inc. was registered as a charitable entity under the Charities Act 2005 on 30 June 2008 (Registration Number CC30930) and is listed in the Charities Register. This contains information about registered charities for people who may wish to make donations, do volunteer work for, use the services of or find out more about a particular charity. This includes where the charity operates and the sector it works in, contact details, services, charitable purpose, beneficiaries, governance structure and officers.

The Society also has donee organisation status with the IRD. This means that people can claim a tax credit (rebate) for donations made to the RBCSNZ. If you want to claim this tax credit, please ask for a receipt when you make your donation.

Texas Longhorn Embryos

If you are interested in obtaining Texas Longhorn embryos please contact Greg Mckay, Xcell Breeding Services Ltd, P O Box 165, Kaiapoi.   Phone: (03) 327 9555   Fax: (03) 327 9088   E‑mail: greg(at)


RBCS Registration Programme

Registrations will now be accepted for the following breeds:
Arapawa sheep, Arapawa goats, Awassi sheep, Enderby cattle, Lakenvelder cattle, Enderby rabbits, Pinzgauer cattle
To qualify for registration, the provenance of the animals must be supplied (i.e. details of their background, who or where they were obtained from, etc. to verify that they are a pure representative of the breed) and each animal must be identified individually (this can be your own eartag, tattoo, etc., sufficient to distinguish the animal from others).
There is currently no fee or inspection required for registration.
Please contact the Secretary of the Rare Breeds Conservation Society (ava.hunt(at) if you would like to register your animals. See Registration Scheme and Inventory for details.


A full-colour brochure for the Rare Breeds Society has been printed. Copies of this brochure will be made available upon request from members for distribution at shows, field days, meetings etc. - or for just handing on to a prospective member. Enquiries should be made to Ava Hunt, ava.hunt(at)


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Send information on rescue projects, auctions, shows, breed developments, meetings – in fact anything interesting on Rare Breeds – to the  Webmaster.

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