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Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand

The Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand will try to deal with all enquiries, comments and requests however they are sent, but it would be of considerable help (and more efficient) if enquiries about particular breeds were sent to one of the following [replacing (at) with @ in the e-mail address]:

Arapawa goats – Alison Sutherland  E-mail: alison (at)

Camelids (llamas, alpacas etc.) – Ava Hunt   E-mail: secretary (at)

Cattle – Aaron la Roche  E-mail: larochenz (at)

Dogs (working only) – Lyle Millar  E-mail: clmillar (at)

Goats (except Arapawa) – Andrea Gauland  E-mail: andreagauland (at)

Horses and Donkeys – Marti Winn  E-mail: spanishhorse (at);
Sue Meager  E-mail: willowview657 (at);
Clysdales: Helen McKenzie  E-mail: rosemarkie (at)

Pigs – John Earney  E-mail: rarebreeds (at)

Poultry (chooks, ducks) – Inger Keymer  E-mail: inger (at)

Poultry (pigeons, doves, pheasants, quail etc.) – Aaron la Roche  E-mail: larochenz (at)

Rabbits – Sitereh Schouten  E-mail: sitereh.schouten (at)

Sheep (except Arapawa) – John Earney  E-mail: rarebreeds (at)

See also Committee Portfolios.

For all other or general enquiries go to the Contact page.

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Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand

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